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You've seen what Woot has done with the power of daily deals. Now you can ignite your e-commerce site with your very own Deal of the Day. Here's what you should know:

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  • Daily Deals are a guaranteed way to generate more revenue
  • Daily Deals drive new customers and existing ones back to your site
  • Dealy can be implemented in any e-commerce site
  • Free 14-day trial. No credit card required!

"Dealy has definitely increased PupLife Dog Supplies sales with their innovative Deal Of The Day software. I highly recommend this software for any storefront interested in running daily customer deals. You can sell excess inventory, discounted end of the season items, or just run buzz-worthy specials to create customer awareness. Set up your deals and watch Dealy go!

- Eric Houtkooper, President, PupLife Dog Supplies

Alpine Stars Outlet Deals
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Speed: Saving you time is our number one goal. We know you're busy, we all are; that’s why we made Dealy as simple as possible. Create your deals with just a couple clicks and you're done.

Scheduling: No need racking your brain trying to remember yet another task; you can create all of your campaigns at once and schedule them to run throughout the week, month, year, whenever.

Networking: What’s the best way to give your deals traction? Word-of-mouth of course. That’s why we let you post to all of the popular social outlets at once. Let your customers do your advertising for you.

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